Drupal Developer - Paul Hudson

Your Forum
Technical Lead/Senior Developer
  • Drupal 7
  • Setup CentOS 6/Plesk/LAMP cloud server
  • OpenLayers Map API
  • Custom OpenLayers Behaviors
  • jQuery
  • AJAX (D7 API and jQuery)
  • Custom Views Handlers
  • D7 and LAMP Performance tuning

Responsible for site architecture, implementing Agile environment and SVN, etc. Developed the bulk of the custom modules, all AJAX functionality and third party integrations.

Social Toolbox
Personal Project (Research)
  • Facebook API
  • Twitter API
  • Linkedin API
  • HighCharts API
  • Google Charts
  • D5 later upgraded to D6
  • Text sentiment analysis

Free social media tracking and monitoring toolbox. Tracks friends/followers/connections, posts messages, dissects audience into key demographics, indicative calculation of engagement and sentiment and a bunch of other data collated and rendered through Highcharts Graphs API.